Never Again

“I’ll never again be so short sighted to limit God’s use of me to one area.” 


I used to wonder if I would ever be a Pastor again. I don’t wonder anymore.

I believe with all my heart and soul that I will never be a Pastor again. I believe this not out of bitterness from events in my life but after understanding that God’s call on my life just doesn’t mesh with he popular idea of Pastor.

I’ve been a Pastor. I was a church-planting pastor. A bi-vocational church planting pastor. The little church we planted grew from four families to over 100 regular attenders each week. The growth wasn’t because I am so great in the pulpit. It was simply God blessing the preaching of His word. That little church was split and destroyed by my best friend at the time. I wonder sometimes where that little church would be if he would not have split and destroyed us…

Following the death of that little church I was bitter, angry, and confused. I wasn’t just angry and bitter toward my onetime best friend. I was angry at God. Not only did I feel like I had failed God, but felt that in some way God had failed me. After realizing how disgusting the thought that God had failed me was, I repented and tried to heal

I wondered if I could ever be used by God ever again. It was a very difficult time for my family. I trusted no one, valued no one, and contemplated suicide more than once during that period. It has been a difficult process but a needful one. During the process I have had many ups and downs. I harbored desires to be a Pastor again – to preach regularly.

We lost out church six years ago this July. I’ve mostly healed from that experience though I still struggle sometimes. I had hoped to stay preaching and have had some opportunities to preach here and there. I did my best to remain authentic and transparent in the pulpit. That got me some interesting emails and comments, but I tried to remain true to the person God has called me to be. But now, simply filling a pulpit that doesn’t seem to be in my future either. I haven’t preached in about two years (July 2016) and doubt that will happen again. So what happened?

God moved.

I followed.

Far too often we think that serving God after Seminary includes some sort of Pastoral ministry, professor, or other similar type of position. But I have come to the conclusion that type of thinking is exactly wrong. I’m convinced that as I follow God, more and wildly different opportunities will be presented to me. I doubt many of these opportunities will look like the traditional things I expected when graduating seminary. You know, things like graduate, become an associate pastor, youth pastor, or other type of pastor. These positions eventually lead to a Senior (Lead, Teaching, etc.) Pastor, then continued ascent up the church ladder by getting bigger and bigger churches to Pastor. I’ve come to reject this model. God can (and does) work in that way. But I think far too often we expect hime to work that way for everyone. And that is where we can really handicap ourselves.

So what am I going to do? I don’t know. All I know is that I am willing to do anything in service to Him. Whether that means being a traditional pastor (I don’t think so!), a pulpit filler, or continuing to write books, teach seminars,  or do something else, I am willing.

How about you? Are you willing to do anything for God’s glory or just some things?

I’ll never again limit my vision for what God has for me. Whatever that means for me and my family – wherever that takes us, we’ll go. I have no idea how this is going to play out, but I am convinced that it will play out to the glory of God. And I am pleased with that.

I’ll never again be so short sighted to limit God’s use of me to one area.

Never again.

Never again.

A new year, old delays!

My grand plan to redesign my website has hit a bit of a snag. But fear not, I’m working on it and hope to have it done before too long. But, in order to prepare for that, I’ll be posting an article each week that will eventually be available for download.

I hope that the articles I post in the next few weeks are helpful and an encouragement to you.

New Year, New Website Design

I am busily redesigning my website to repurpose it from simply a blog to a more well-rounded source of free instruction in God’s Word. I will still have the blog as part of it, but I will also have areas for discussions, (hopefully) downloads, and other fun and edifying things.

I appreciate your patience as this redesign takes place and the form and function of The Bald Theologian changes. The thing that won’t change is my commitment to providing an education in the Bible for no charge to the learner. All you will ever need to take a course of mine is a heart that is willing to learn and work through the course materials.

Here is to a new year, a new website, but an old commitment to boldly proclaim the bald Word of God.


Sorry for the delay

I’m having some technical difficulties…otherwise known as life getting in the way of this blog! Work has been hectic and my other commitments have eaten away at the time I reserve for writing. I hope to have a new article up this week. I apologize for the delay. But one good thing that has come from this delay. I have thought about a possible next series!

Happy Thanksgiving (USA)!

Since this week is Thanksgiving in the USA, I have decided to take my first week off in over a year to spend this week with my family. I hope all my readers have a wonderful, God-blessed week. For those in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you outside of the USA, I trust you will also have a wonderful, God-blessed week.

I look forward to finishing Nehemiah in the coming weeks (I bet you’re ready for a change as well). I’ll reveal my thoughts for the next few months of articles and some other exciting news. May God bless you all.

An Apology

I want to extend my apology for not having my normal article ready for publishing today. Because of work commitments I have not had the time to write, edit and format my article for this week. I hope to be able to publish tonight. Please check back tonight or tomorrow morning for my new article on Nehemiah: When Fear Collides With Faith.

A Tribute


Have you ever met someone who personified a virtue you would like to have? Have you ever known a man who embodied that virtue? If you have you have been blessed. I, along with many others, have been blessed to know such a man. That man went on to glory last week. This little tribute is all I can do. I hope it captures how I feel about the man I knew.

John was a man who was all about serving God. He would serve and encourage others to serve in their giftedness. John loved the Lord with all he had. How do I know this? Did he tell me he did? No, he showed me he did. He showed me in his life with his wife of 51 years. He showed me with his quiet strength he so ably used as an elder. He showed me when I would pray with him. He showed me with all the small projects he fixed and worked on at church.. John was all about God and so very little about himself.

I remember when I was a Pastor of a church that was fragmenting due to the actions of a few selfish individuals. I was sharing what was happening with a group of elders when John spoke up. He said he felt bad about my situation. I asked him why. He said “We’ve got each other to lean on in difficult times. You are not alone.” This was John. He cared for me and my dying flock almost to the point of tears. John cared so much for God’s people.  He was and is an inspiration to me.

John was a man after God’s own heart. I believe John will receive great reward from our Father in heaven at the appropriate time. John never stopped doing good. He seemed to never tire of doing the right thing. He seemed never to grow weary while running the race God had set out before him. Whether he was healthy or not, John was always joyful…he loved the Lord and it showed. He studied God’s word and loved to learn. I had the honor of both learning from him and teaching him in a class on hermeneutics. He was so hunble. So very humble.

John was an example to me of a godly husband. Again, he never had to say he loved his wife of 51 years. But if you were around them for more than a few minutes, you knew he adored his wife. There was something in the way he spoke to her…and about her. What a wonderful couple. I hope I never have to tell people of my love for my wife and family.I hope I can be like John and treat my wife and family in such a way that people just know how much I love them.

John was a treasure to my little church family. A treasure of faithful, quiet, joyful service to each member in our fellowship. It hurts not to see him on Sunday.   I’m sure others are hurting more than I, and to them I pledge the undying love of me and my family. We are here to serve you and love on you.

I know this isn’t my usual blog article.  But I felt I had to take a moment and let you know what heaven surely gained in the last week, a devoted Christ-over and Christ-follower. And while we who are left behind here have suffered loss, we know we will see John again.

I look forward to the day I see him again.